10 Uncomfortable Razor Scenes

4 Nov

There have been reports that the amputation scene in the new Danny Boyle film 127 Hours is causing some viewers to faint. Since the early days of film that touch of blade to skin has made moviegoers squeamish, so in preparation let’s bolster our tolerance and take a look back at ten nasty razor scenes.

1.Richie Tenenbaum- The Royal Tenenbaums

For starters, that song doesn’t paint a very happy picture, but it gets downright disturbing when he finishes shaving his face.

2.Judge Turpin- Sweeney Todd
Sure he had it coming, but one to the jugular is never easy.

3.Marcy- Cabin Fever

Starts out alright. Ends up so wrong.

4.Airplane II- the Sequel

Disturbingly hilarious. Not the greatest idea to shave in a space shuttle during an emergency landing.

5.Carvaggio- The English Patient

He ended up telling what he knew, but not before it turned ugly.

6.Marvin Nash- Reservoir Dogs

He didn’t know anything. Still got ugly.

7.Al Capone- The Untouchables

Capone may have got the nick, but it was barber who had a close shave.

8. The Young Man- The Big Shave

It’s Scorsese and a statement on the Vietnam war, but, jeez…

9.Sgt. Pembry- Silence Of The Lambs

I didn’t even know you could do that.

10.Young girl- Un Chien Andalou

Almost century after its release the shock remains undiluted.


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