8 Weak Moments For Tough Guys

9 Nov

You may have heard that Chuck Norris’s tears can cure cancer, but too bad he never cries. So as the world continues to suffer, let’s check out these screen badasses who have shown their tender side.

1.Robert De Niro
The Mission

Whenever you’re forgiven at the top of a waterfall by the natives you’ve spent your life slaughtering, cue waterworks.

2.Bruce Willis
The Whole Ten Yards

He’s probably just realized he’s in this God-awful film.

3.Harrison Ford

The tears were lost in rain, but this moment wasn’t.

4.Sylvester Stallone
First Blood

Sure Rocky cries all the time, but when Rambo does it, you can really feel it.

5.Joe Pesci
Love Ranch

The film hasn’t been released yet, but he cries in the trailer. He also hits a guy in the face with a guitar.

6.Clint Eastwood
Bridges Of Madison County

Look at that face! She’s crazy for staying in that truck.

7.Al Pacino
The Godfather Part 3
Maybe he’s weeping with joy that her excruciating performance was finally terminated.

8.Arnold Schwarzenegger

Why do you cry? He is Conan. A Samarian. He won’t cry… so I cry for him

There has to be more! Post them to comments!


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