10 Great San Francisco Movies

13 Nov

After being around for over a century A Trip Down Market Street has gone viral. If you haven’t seen this fascinating archival footage, make sure that you check it out on Youtube. It shows a unique glimpse of Market Street in San Francisco a month before the 1906 Earthqauke that destroyed the city. Scientists are now reporting the next big one could be just around the corner, so before it goes, check out these 10 films that chronicle the splendor and charm of the city by the bay.

1.Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers (1978)

It doesn’t end well for the residents, but the city looks great, and you get to see beautiful Town Hall with its cool trees.


Again, not the best circumstances, but at least the killer leads you on a nice tour of the city.


Here you get to see picturesque spots such as Fort Point, the lovely Mission Dolores, and the Legion Of Honor Museum.

4.Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
You’ll get a tour of nice places like Will Rogers Park, The Monterey Bay Aquarium, and see what SF could look like in the future.

5.Dirty Harry

Here you get a rare glance at the beautiful city from many of its rooftops, as well as many nice public buildings, Kezar Stadium (shortly after the 49ers last game there), and the old rock quarry.

6.The Conversation

This film features bird’s eye views of scenic Union Square.


Let Steve McQueen take you on a quick and comprehensive (though not linear) romp through the city.

8.The Game

Michael Douglas (who’s no stranger to the streets of SF) takes you on a trip from the city’s more elegant locations to its seedier side and back again.

9.A View to a Kill

Nice shots of City Hall, Christopher Walken, and The Golden Gate Bridge.

10.Harold And Maude

Visit nice cemeteries like Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery and Golden Gate National Cemetery.


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