Top 10 Thanksgiving Films

22 Nov

Despite the furor over the war on Christmas, it actually seems like it’s coming earlier each year. Everywhere you look increasingly desperate retailers begin courting holiday consumers as soon as they can, skipping right over Thanksgiving. Thus, Turkey Day has been relegated to a second-class holiday, and Yuletide continues to encroach upon it. Join The Movie Lists in combating the war on Thanksgiving with a look at 10 films that marvelously demonstrate its wonderful aspects and pay it the respect it deserves.

1.Hannah And Her Sisters

Thanksgiving is the time to catch up with relatives…

2.Nobody’s Fool

And to rekindle relationships with estranged ones…

3.The Ice Storm

Then kick back and have a drink or two…

4.Planes, Trains, And Automobiles

Invite new friends to share in the festivities…

5.Scent Of A Woman

Save a lecherous blind man from killing himself…

6.Son In Law

Remember Pauly Shore…

7.Grumpy Old Men

Get old people all fired up…

8.Alice’s Restuarant

Try to fill the lonely void for Thanksgiving songs all at once…

9.Home For The Holidays

Make Charles Durning the Bing Crosby of Thanksgiving films…

10.Holiday Inn

Give a shout out to the neglected holiday (even if it is in a film about Christmas).

Happy Thanksgiving! Got more? Post them to comments!


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