10 Misunderstood Movie Monsters

30 Nov

There is a mysterious and untamed beast in all of us. Something that exists beyond the borders of the social order and threatens the stability of the tribe. They try to suppress the uncertainty and wildness with science and tranquilizer darts, but by chance or by destiny, someone discovers your misunderstood creature and befriends it. And when the world comes at the you and begins to prod at  you, the two of you escape into the wild where the ‘civilized’ world can no longer harm you. Here are 10 films that feel you.

1. Harry and the Hendersons

Creature: Bigfoot
John Lithgow and family
Evil Scientist:
French bounty hunter

2.Baby -Secret Of The Lost Legend

Creature: Dinosaur
Sean Young and The Greatest American Hero
Villain: Edward Longshanks

3. Splash

Creature: Mermaid
Friend: Tom Hanks
Villain: Eugene Levy

4.Pete’s Dragon

Creature: Dragon
Friend: Pete
: Dr. Terminus

5.King Kong

Creature: Big Gorilla
Fay Wray
Villain: New York

6.E.T. The Extraterrestrial

Creature: Alien
Friend: Elliot
Villain: Peter Coyote and astronauts


Creature: Frankenstein Monster
Little girl and a blind man
Villain: Villagers

8.Swamp Thing

Creature: Swamp Thing
Friend: Adrienne Barbeau
Villain: Louis Jordan

9.The Day the Earth Stood Still

Creature: Klaatu
Friend: Patricia Neal
Villain: Earthlings

10. Nell

Creature: Jodi Foster
Friend: Liam Neeson
Villain: The Media


One Response to “10 Misunderstood Movie Monsters”

  1. Allison Rizk November 30, 2010 at 8:34 pm #

    #11. Phantom of the Opera. Poor, poor phantom.

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