10 Great Movie Meltdowns

9 Dec

To accurately portray someone who’s just teetered over the brink, been shoved across the absolute threshold of their tolerance, who’s back has just been broken by that damned straw, or whose rope has finally run out is possibly the greatest skill any actor can demonstrate; for the true freakout moment is as delicate as a dandelion in the wind, and though many lesser actors have tried to achieve it through buffoonery and embellishment they have all fallen short. Here are 10 guys who got it very right.

1.Tom Hanks
The Money Pit

He should’ve gotten the first Oscar here.

2.Chevy Chase
National Lampoon’s Vacation

One of the most inspired performances on the list. It’s almost as if he’s speaking in tongues.

3.Al Pacino
Glengary Glenross

It’s like watching Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel- if he painted the Sistine Chapel with the F-word.

4.Gene Wilder
The Producers

Like the super volcano under Yosemite waiting 75,000 years to to erupt…but not quite yet.

5.Pacific Tech Student
Real Genius

So amazing.


Probably the most relatable freakout on the list.

7.Peter Sellers
Dr. Strangelove

The Inception of meltdowns: a freakout within a freakout.

8.Billy Bob Thorton
Bad Santa

What can I say? The man can freak out.

9.Robin Williams
Death To Smoochie

It’s hit or miss with R.W., but, ‘Someone touched my ass’? Ha!

10.Arnold Schwarzenegger
Total Recall

How is possible for one man can even make all these noises?

More Meltdowns? Post them to comments!


5 Responses to “10 Great Movie Meltdowns”

  1. Allison Rizk December 11, 2010 at 4:34 pm #

    This list reminded me of the greatest TV meltdown of all time. The ever important Tyra Banks yelling at one of the models from America’s Next Top Model. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9ruJhnKCUc Chilling, I know.


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