10 Films I Bet You Didn’t Know John Ratzenberger Was In

19 Dec

Before Cheers, Toy Story, or the Manufacturing Crisis in America, John Ratzenberger was in some very well-known films. But if you blink, you might miss the conservative Nutmegger with the iconic mustache. Here are 10 films I bet you didn’t know John Ratzenberger was in.

1.A Bridge Too Far

He played his first U.S. Lieutenant.

2.The Empire Strikes Back

He was Major Bren Derlin (The guy who tells Leia they need to close the doors).


A missile controller in the first film…

4.Superman II

…by the sequel he had it made to NASA.


His second U.S. Lieutenant.


These days he calls the Obama administration communists. Back then he a played a communist leader.


In this film Ratz played Chief Peck. No doubt drawing upon his earlier experience with aircraft

8.The Falcon and the Snowman

He played a detective.


A rare Ratz sans mustache played a doomed miner named Tarlow.


Here he was a policeman in James Cagney’s last film. Way to go, John!

Are there more? Post them to comments!


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