10 Great Train Rides

7 Jan

As the airline industry spirals toward complete disaster, more and more folks are turning to rail travel. Certainly more cinematic and always more romantic than cramped and inconvenient plane rides, the train has afforded many of movie’s most memorable scenes. So, as it appears that airlines are far from getting their acts together, let’s take a look at 10 great train moments, and hope that Amtrak lowers their ticket prices soon.

1.North By Northwest
Only on train could you be lured to your doom like this…

2.From Russia With Love

…or have an awesome fight with Robert Shaw…

3.A Hard Day’s Night

...meet interesting people…


4.Silver Streak

…make new friends…

5.Brief Encounter

…say goodbye to old ones…

6.Strangers on a Train
…plan a murder…

7.Murder On The Orient Express
…solve one…

8.I Vitelloni

…chase your destiny…

9.Some Like It Hot

…do shots in drag…

10.Doctor Zhivago

…or travel on a cattle train through the Urals in the dead of winter (still more comfortable than flying).


2 Responses to “10 Great Train Rides”

  1. Allison Rizk January 7, 2011 at 4:45 pm #

    I’m glad Some Like it Hot were on here but there are 2 missing.

    How could Throw Momma From the Train not have made it? Travesty.

    Also, it’s a total chick flick or at least more intellectual than usual films, but Before Sunset has great train scenes, too.

    Love the post!

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