10 Couples That Never Would’ve Lasted

12 Jan

“The course of true love never did run smooth”, and the same goes for many of cinema’s most passionate love affairs. Sure, at the end of the film, they appear the picture of heavenly bliss, but had these films been a lifetime-long we would have seen them eventually fizzle out or explode. Life goes on after the credits roll, and for these 10 movie couples it probably would’ve gone bad.

1.Jennifer and Oliver
Love Story

Love may mean never having to say your sorry, but a successful relationship means you say it a lot.

2.Harry and Sally
When Harry Met Sally

Harry looks like a normal person but actually he is the angel of death. And Sally is the worst kind: high maintenance but she thinks she’s low maintenance.

3.Dorothy and Jerry
Jerry Maguire

That codependent “you complete me” tripe would have crumbled when real life came a-knocking, and then they would have had each other at goodbye.

4.Sandy and Danny

Those seams would have kept on ripping and ripping.

5.Baby and Johnny
Dirty Dancing

Somebody would’ve have eventually put Baby in a corner, and it would have revealed Johnny to be an emotional cripple.

6.Allen and Madison

There would be communication problems underwater, and he would’ve missed John Candy.

7.Samantha and Jake
Sixteen Candles

That table would have collapsed and killed them both.

8.Edward and Vivian
Pretty Woman

She was a HOOKER.

9.Lady and Tramp
Lady and The Tramp

Dogs are not monogamous.

10.Sam and Molly

I think it’s pretty obvious that Molly’s going someplace else when she dies.

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One Response to “10 Couples That Never Would’ve Lasted”

  1. Dawn Hunt January 12, 2011 at 6:58 pm #

    You are so right! I have never met an monogamous DAWG!

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