10 Creepy Pairs Of Twins

20 Jan

Anyone who’s seen The Social Network would probably agree that the Winklevoss twins are two of the cinema’s most despicable characters; with their despicableness compounded by the fact that they are real people. Creepy twins have always been in the movies, however, and they have always employed their creepy twin powers. Fortify your minds and check out these 10 creepy pairs of twins.

1.Elliot and Beverly Mantle
Dead Ringers

Mentally disturbed gynecologists, and one of them is named Beverly.

2.Julius and Vincent Benedict

The result of a genetic experiement, one is the “perfect man”, the other “genetic trash“.

3.Chad and Alex Wagner
Double Impact

They overcome amazing hair and their differences to defeat a Hong Kong crime empire. Not too creepy except they are both JCVD.

4.Tia and Tony Malone
Escape to Witch Mountain
Mind control. The ultimate creepy twin power.

5.Luke and Leia Skywalker
Star Wars

So creepy.

8.La Pieuvre
City of Lost Children

Conjoined, chain-smoking misopedists whose name means ‘the octopus’ in French. Creepy even in the context of this film.

9.The Grady Girls
The Shining

The embodiment of pure terror. Nothing could be more frightening.

10.Sarah and Julia Thompson
To Grandmother’s House We Go
Oh wait..

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One Response to “10 Creepy Pairs Of Twins”

  1. Miguel January 23, 2011 at 12:48 am #

    Well done! You put pretty much all the one I thought of and added some I’ve never heard of. The twins on “The Great Outdoors” came to mind, but they really weren’t characters… Sure were creepy though!

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