10 Blonde Duds

25 Jan

On February 11 the world will witness Channing Tatum venture into the realm of the Roman epic in his new film The Eagle. Fortunately we can expect this travesty to be short-lived and soon pass into DVD Elysium along with his other flops. However, this film is but a symptom of a much bigger problem that plagues the quality of Hollywood movies these days: indistinguishable Blonde dudes with no personality, who look like extras in a football movie, and who are oddly often named Chris.

1.Channing Tatum

Think of Marlon Brando, think of Cary Grant, think of Trevor Howard…and then consider this dimwit. Demand more, people.

2.Paul Walker

Seriously, there’s nothing going on here. The people who watch his DVDs probably buy them off the back of a truck.

3.Chris Evans

If you turned his personality into electricity you wouldn’t be able to warm a piece of toast.

4.Chris Pine

For real, how many more ‘Fast and Furious’ movies can this guy possibly make?

5.Kenny Wormald

Who? He’ll be appearing in an upcoming remake of ‘Footloose’. Dud-city.

6.Sam Worthington

His cartoon in ‘Avatar’ was more lifelike.

7.Garrett Hedlund

Country bland.

8.Chris Hemsworth

Saw the ‘Thor’ trailer, and the hammer had more personality.

9.Zac Efron

His highlights make him eligible for this list, as do his terrible films.

10.Shia LaBeouf

Also not technically a blonde, but his dudeness and propensity to ruin franchises more than more than meet the requirements.

Certainly there are more. Post them to comments!


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