10 Weirdo Movie Uncles

1 Mar

You know the creepy guy in the family, the black sheep, the one you don’t wanna go to the baseball game with, the guy with the strange stuff in his house whose always trying to get you to pull his finger? Well, just as in real life, the movies are full of them. And while some may wear their weirdness on their sleeve, others can be a little tougher to spot, so let these 10 Weirdo Movie Uncles serve as a guide to prepare you, or to point out that, perhaps, you’re a weirdo uncle, too.

1.Uncle Monty
Withnail And I

They continuously bicker with their cat.

2.Uncle Owen
Star Wars

They lie to you about your past.

The Karate Kid Part II

They try and corrupt you in order to defend their honor.

4.M. Hulot
Mon Oncle

They’re reluctant to grow up.

5.Uncle Buck
Uncle Buck

They wanna ruin your social life.

6.Uncle Howard
The Secret Of My Success

They’re schtuping your girlfriend.


They’re a little more than kin, and less than kin

The Lion King

They’re a little more than cat, and less than kind.

9.Uncle Charlie
Shadow Of A Doubt

They turn out to be a serial killer.

10.Michael Corleone
The Godfather Part 3

They keep pulling you back in.


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