10 Movie Music Videos To Get You Fired Up

7 Mar

Movie montages aren’t only amazing because they get things done without the nuisance of having to do actual work; they also feature people rocking to groovy tunes. And who doesn’t like that? Here are ten to get you groovin’. Editor’s note: all Rocky montages are assumed to be amazing.

1.Teen WolfMany tiny wolf dunks, and the twangiest song ever to inspire sports greatness.

2.Real GeniusThe only way to build a laser.

3.Karate KidYou wanna find balance? Watch this.

4.CommandoActually, this one’s kinda creepy.

5.FootlooseWhen you live in an absurdly repressed community ruled with an iron fist what else can you do ?

6.Over the TopNot exactly from the movie, but watch it anyway. It rules.

7.GoodfellasMakes whacking more palatable.

8.Cannonball Run Unparalleled and simply amazing.



9.TrainspottingThe only way to start it all over.



10.The Silence Of The Lambs

Heheh… Not really.


Got more? Post them to comments?



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