Ten Irish Accents

14 Mar

St. Patrick’s Day! It’s the day everybody’s wants to be Irish. We don the green, grab a pint of Guinness, and make corn beef and cabbage. And some of the bolder among us even try and affect the ol’ Oirish accent, though it usually ends in catastrophe. Never fear! This year The Movie Lists is here to save you from total embarrassment with these 10 movie Irish accents!

1.Brad Pitt

Mumble a lot and say you doing a “pikey” accent, so that nobody can tell that your accent really stinks (See “The Devil’s Own”).

2.Marlon Brando
The Missouri Breaks

Or act really effin crazy.

3.Sean Connery
Darby O’Gill and the Little People

Let your devilishly handsome mug compensate for a half-assed performance.

4.Sean Connery
The Untouchables

Or don’t even attempt one. Who knows, they might even give you an Oscar for it.

5.Pierce Brosnan

If you happen to be actually Irish, just talk; don’t try and talk.

6.Daniel Day Lewis
My Left Foot

You could practice really hard, and do such a good accent that Ireland might put you on a stamp.

7.Tom Cruise
Far and Away

Or you can just do everything opposite of this guy.

8.Richard Gere
The Jackal

Talk of your many NRA terrorist plots from the 90s.

9.Michael J. Fox
Back To The Future Part 3

Or be so unbearably dull that no one notices.

10.The Leprechaun


Got more tips? Post them to comments!


One Response to “Ten Irish Accents”

  1. Dawn Hunt March 14, 2011 at 12:37 pm #

    Very Funny….These just keep gettin better!

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