10 Great Ponytails

15 Mar

Men’s ponytails. They’re a follicle conundrum. They’re like a montage of hair: a large quantity condensed for space, time, and information. You can tell a lot about a man by the way he pulls back his hair (besides that he probably smells like cigarettes and Drakkar Noir), so let The Movie Lists educate you with these 10 great movie ponytails.

1.Terry Silver
Karate Kid 3

The Power PT. You’re here for business but not afraid to kick some ass to get it done.

2.Tim Robbins
High Fidelity

The Midlife Crisis. The new age sleezeball and sometimes motivational speaker who still does EST.

Who’s The Man?

The Hustla. May look ridiculous, but who’s gonna tell him. You?

4. Sean Connery
Medicine Man

The Wild Man. Often follows the Midlife Crisis. The rogue PT who’s living OTP.

5.Val Kilmer

The I May Have To Change My Identity Later In The Film. Cos you can’t live on the DL with a PT.

6.Johnny Depp

The Dreamy Bard. Gets a unconditional pass from the ladies.

7.Danny DeVito

The Merchant. A few scatters of hair pulled behind the head. Often seen on realtors and jewelers.

8.David Morse
12 Monkeys

The Terro-hippie. Granola gone bad.

Casino Royale

The Silver Fox. Elegant yet mysterious.

10.Steven Seagal
Out For Justice

The Cadillac.
The Penultimate PT by which all others are judged.


One Response to “10 Great Ponytails”

  1. Mike March 21, 2011 at 2:11 pm #

    Russell Crowe Master and Commander. Bad movie. Great ponytail.

    Love this stuff.

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