10 Coolest Movie Voices

18 Mar

Nietzsche said, “We often refuse to accept an idea merely because the tone of voice in which it has been expressed is unsympathetic to us.” Well, you’d to slap a baby if one of these 10 smooth movie voices told you to. Enjoy! And let their words they ooze down your ear canal like sacred honey.

1.Christopher Walken
Pulp Fiction
Almost makes shoving a watch up your rectum sound appealing.

2.Lauren Bacall
Key Largo
You can teach us how to whistle anytime.

3.Clint Eastwood
Dirty Harry
That sixth shot went straight through our hearts.

4.James Earl Jones
Star Wars
You can tear our ship apart anytime, Lord Vader.

5.Bette Davis
All About Eve
We’d like to see that milkshake please.

6.Marlon Brando
Apocalypse Now
His methods may be unsound, but that voice is all there, baby.

7.Morgan Freeman
The Shawshank Redemtion
Throw the cuffs on and drag us to jail.

8.Peter Boyle
Young Frankenstein
You had us at “ooperhng duuparhng…”

9.Sean Connery
We expect you to talk, Mr. Bond. All night long.

10.Arnold Shwarzenegger
We’re on our way, and coming as fast as we can!


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