10 Songs That Samples The Movies

1 Apr
Some musicians love the movies so much that they put them in their songs. Some songs sample clips from lesser known films, while others use ones that are instantly recognizable, and some songs use clips that are just downright bizarre (see number 8 on the list). Here are 10 songs and the original clips from the movie they sampled.

  1. Professor Booty- Beastie Boys
    ‘Wild Style’

  2. Right Here, Right Now- Fatboy Slim
    ‘Strange Days’

  3. Civil WarGuns N’ Roses
    Cool Hand Luke

  4. Scooby SnacksFun Lovin’ Criminals
    Pulp Fiction

  5. LoadedPrimal Scream
    Wild Angels

  6. Hounds of LoveKate Bush
    Night of the Demon

  7. Bring da RuckusWu-Tang Clan
    Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang

  8. 5 Fingas of Death- Diamond D
    The River Wild

  9. One- Metallica
    Johnny Got His Gun 
  10. Me So Horny- 2 Live Crew
    Full Metal Jacket

    Got more? Post them to comments!


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