10 Great Moments For Oscar-winners

6 Apr

The greatest recognition any movie actor can receive is of course the Academy Award. They’ll go crazy trying to get one: wear poofy clothes, affecting an accent, snot-crying… If you want the Academy to notice, you got to step it up. You gotta let them see you acting. That’s why many Oscar-winners’ subtler performances go unnoticed. Here are 10 equally endurable performances from some our favorite Oscar-winners.

1.Tom Hanks
Money Pit

2.Hilary Swank
The Next Karate Kid

3.Sean Pitt
Fast Times At Ridgemont High

4.Robin Williams
Club Paradise

5.Helen Hunt
The Bionic Woman

6.Philip Seymour Hoffman
Along Came Polly

7.Forest Whitaker
Vision Quest 

8.Kathy Bates
My Best Friend is a Vampire

9.Christian Bale

10.George Kennedy
Naked Gun 33 1/3

Got more? Post them to comments!


One Response to “10 Great Moments For Oscar-winners”

  1. Beth Duke April 6, 2011 at 1:58 pm #

    Love this, Zach. But I believe that’s Sean Penn . . .

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