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10 Memorable Smoking Scenes

14 Apr

Smoking is bad. Smoking will kill you. Smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, premature babies, and low birth weight. Do not ever smoke. Here are ten movie moments where it looked kinda cool. Continue reading


10 Great Moments For Oscar-winners

6 Apr

The greatest recognition any movie actor can receive is of course the Academy Award. They’ll go crazy trying to get one: wear poofy clothes, affecting an accent, snot-crying… If you want the Academy to notice, you got to step it up. You gotta let them see you acting. That’s why many Oscar-winners’ subtler performances go unnoticed. Here are 10 equally endurable performances from some our favorite Oscar-winners. Continue reading

10 Movie Music Videos To Get You Fired Up

7 Mar

Movie montages aren’t only amazing because they get things done without the nuisance of having to do actual work; they also feature people rocking to groovy tunes. And who doesn’t like that? Here are ten to get you groovin’. Editor’s note: all Rocky montages are assumed to be amazing. Continue reading

Top Ten Awards Given IN a Film

18 Feb

The Oscars are just around the corner, and that means more self-indulgent, ass-kissing, who-are-you-wearing nonsense as Hollywood tries to distract itself from the painful reality that the films being awarded aren’t really that good and the awards being handed are meaningless. Here are 10 awards that made a difference. Continue reading

10 Great Train Rides

7 Jan

As the airline industry spirals toward complete disaster, more and more folks are turning to rail travel. Certainly more cinematic and always more romantic than cramped and inconvenient plane rides, the train has afforded many of movie’s most memorable scenes. So, as it appears that airlines are far from getting their acts together, let’s take a look at 10 great train moments, and hope that Amtrak lowers their ticket prices soon. Continue reading

10 Insurgent Dance Scenes

29 Dec

As 2010 draws to close, do you feel like your back’s up against the wall and there seems to be no way out? Does common sense tell you that you should just surrender and get out while you still can? Or is there a voice somewhere deep inside of you that whispers, this is the time to rebel, this is the time to get down? 2010 was lame, but 2011 is going to rule, so ring it in the only way proper: dancing! Continue reading

8 Weak Moments For Tough Guys

9 Nov

You may have heard that Chuck Norris’s tears can cure cancer, but too bad he never cries. So as the world continues to suffer, let’s check out these screen badasses who have shown their tender side. Continue reading

10 Uncomfortable Razor Scenes

4 Nov

There have been reports that the amputation scene in the new Danny Boyle film 127 Hours is causing some viewers to faint. Since the early days of film that touch of blade to skin has made moviegoers squeamish, so in preparation let’s bolster our tolerance and take a look back at ten nasty razor scenes.

Continue reading

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